Spring view of lighthose
  The Newest Lighthouse in Minnesota. Located on the east side of Flag Island 70 feet above Lake of the Woods.

Welcome to Flag Island Lighthouse

The Flag Island Lighthouse was constructed in March 2008. The winter offered months of freezing cold to thicken the ice road to become over 4 feet thick. Three Semi-trailers plus a crane, some vehicles weighing over 70,000lbs, traveled the 6 mile road. The Lighthouse is built on solid granite and is a 45 foot tall timber frame structure. The lighthouse was build primarily for Astronomy, as the taller structure gives better views to the horizons. There are 4 floors. The lighthouse is full of unique and odd decorations included a rock climbing wall on the 3rd floor. The views in the lantern area on the 4th floor are breathtaking especially winter viewing of snowmobile trails or Sturgeon channel in the summer. Tours can only be arranged in advance. Climbing to the top by way of steps and ladder/steps earn you a I climbed the Flag Island Lighthouse sticker, plus gives you the opportunity to sign the guest book. The climb is free however visitors are encouraged to donate to one of the local organizations, such as EMT fund, local school or snowmobile club.

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